Senior Infants

The Blackbirds

Hi everyone!

We are Senior Infants in Room 7 and this year Ríanne is our teacher! Our class is named after the Blackbird. In our class we love doing active, fun learning and especially reading stories and doing art. Everyone in our class is always a good friend to one another and is kind and caring towards one another. There’s always a helping hand! This year we will be doing really interesting things like learning where countries are in the world, how to add lots of numbers and most importantly…..having fun in school! Every week we have a special assembly on Friday where we learn about our golden rules and how to be happy and kind in school. Two children are chosen who have shown the golden rule particularly well that week. It’s always a tough decision! We’re having so much fun in Senior Infants and we can’t wait for this to continue. We have lots of things this year to look forward to like music lessons and winter shows! And of course, we love seeing our friends and teachers every day.



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