Junior Infants

Na Cuacha

Welcome to Kate’s Junior Infants!

Our class is called ‘Cuach’ which is the Irish for cuckoo. There are 24 pupils in classroom 2 this year. Luiza is working with our class as an SNA. In our class we always show kindness and are very hard workers. We love to keep active as well as taking time to reflect during relaxation time. We have been having fun learning lots already this year. Every day we do Maths, English, Irish and Aistear. We love working and playing together to explore and learn about our new Aistear themes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we really enjoy doing P.E. We always welcome other teachers who help us when we do our ‘Ready, Set, Go Maths’ stations. We are also learning new nursery rhymes, songs and love listening to new stories. We are doing lots of fine motor activities to get our fingers ready to learn to write with our script writing in term 2. We will learn the 42 sounds using the jolly phonics programme this year. We will also learn some new tricky words. These will help us to read all by ourselves! We can’t wait to share all the exciting things we do and learn with you throughout the year.



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