Second Class

The Robins

Dia Dhuit everyone!

Welcome to rang Robin! We are in 2nd class and our teacher’s name is Cian. We are really excited and eager to be in 2nd class. We are an active group and we learn best through practical activities. We will use this philosophy to learn many new things such as quarter to and quarter past or fractions in Maths or through experiments in Science. There are a few things we are looking forward to such as swimming and music with the Castleknock School of Music this year! We have also introduced ‘Genius Hour.’ This is where we aim to be an expert in a topic of our choice in a period of time! We also are keen readers and we have a special reading time every day in our classroom! We also plan to utilize technology in our learning and will have many projects and lessons through it so make sure to ask us questions if you see us.

Thanks for visiting!

Slán, Rang Robin


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