Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

About our PTA:

Pelletstown ETNS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was established in November 2017.

The PTA is a voluntary association which allows parents/guardians of pupils to work together with the school to ensure the best possible education for our children.The PTA works to support the principal and staff of Pelletstown ETNS in many ways including:

  • Organising a range of fundraising activities to benefit the school
  • Participating in the review of school policies
  • Organising family events
  • Arranging courses of interest for parents

    PTA elections will take place annually at our AGM, following which a new PTA committee will be formed in line with our PTA Constitution.

    The PTA can be contacted at the following email address.

    Current Members


      Carlos Teixeira (Chairperson)
      Aoife Byrne (Teacher Representative)
      Bill McCormack (Teacher Representative)
      Claire Monks (Secretary)
      Susan Henry (Vice Secretary)
      Mirabela Ghiuzan (Treasurer)
      Oliver Cummings
      Brendan McLoughlin
      Auburn Hutson
      Fran Bissett
      Jeanette McDonald
      Jenny Quinn
      Fiona McDougall
      David Owens
      Melanie Casey
      Ewa Henry



    The inaugural meeting of Pelletstown ETNS PTA took place on 23 November 2017 and since then our committee members have been busy. We are proud to have established our new school website, which we hope will be a valuable information tool as our school continues to grow. We would like to express our gratitude to Vera Cummings for all her hard work in setting this up. We have also focused much of our efforts into fundraising for our growing school.


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