Update (January 2021):

Hi everyone, 

 This section of the website is for your reference during the school closure due to COVID-19. The current school closure is up until January 31st 2021. There are great online resources available to help children during this period and we have listed some of them below. 

 Health and wellbeing of our pupils and families is our main concern. For now, enjoy spending time with each other and valuing the basic and really important things in life – that’s what will really matter when all of this passes. 

 The following link provides useful support for you and your mental health during this time: 

 The following link provides useful support for your child and their wellbeing:

 Please continue to look after yourselves and your families. 

Further Resources Home School Hub broadcasting lessons between 10am – 12pm & After school Hub broadcasting from 3.20pm. Previous Home School Hub lessons are so available. - PE with Joe Wicks - 9am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Physical literacy - PE Lessons - Cosmic Kids Online yoga - GoNoodle Online exercises - Huge range of reading material for children - Free audiobooks for children - Irish Dictionary website to help with pronunciation